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Remarkably good HR products:

creative employee gifts and meaningful promotional product ideas
SUGGLE-products …

  • communicate appreciation
  • strengthen employee loyalty
  • support recruiting of new employees
  • help with internal communication
  • create a feel-good atmosphere

These companies work with our onboarding boxes

Give your employees a good feeling right from the get-go with our onboarding boxes

Individual gifts for perfect onboarding

Welcome to the team! The way we welcome new members plays a significant role in how quickly they fit in and feel comfortable within the team. The result? A satisfied employee who is more motivated and will rave enthusiastically about your company! Especially in times of a shortage of skilled workers, securing such brand ambassadors is essential.

Our exclusive and sustainable onboarding boxes are more than just a creative idea to start the induction process. They help new team members to integrate faster and show them that they are really appreciated. This is how you create the ultimate feel-good mood so that your new employee goes home at the end of the first day with happy memories and a good feelings!

The best thing is that all boxes are customised to your preferences and branded with your company logo, making each gift unique to your employer brand. All items in the gift box are selected exclusively for your company and adapted to your corporate design. All of this united by an entertaining story – for a decisive first impression!

What is an onboarding box anyway?

An onboarding box is a welcome package from a company that contains a variety of products. These help to warmly welcome and immediately integrate a new employee into their new working environment, making it easier for them to settle into the company. It serves to strengthen employee loyalty and satisfaction and sends a clear signal of appreciation, which promotes loyalty, increases productivity and potentially speeds up the induction period.

The SUGGLE Onboarding Box

Not in the mood for run-of-the-mill gifts? No problem!

With the SUGGLE Onboarding Boxes you are gifting your new employees a welcome package, which is individualised for your industry, your company and your target group – all of this in your corporate design!
  • Order our box, filled to the brim with ready-made, sustainable and fair product ideas, which we will of course brand with individual designs and your logo. Or simply put together your own onboarding boxes – we will be happy to advise you!
  • On request, we can not only custom design and fill the onboarding boxes, but also include already existing employer brochures, induction documents, manuals, company agreements or existing company advertising material.
  • All items are sent in an individually designed box with your corporate look in mind and with a printed sleeve and protective filler to create the perfect first impression. Alternatively, you can also receive your employee gifts in a printed drawstring bag!

No matter which content you choose: All onboarding gifts are unique and will definitely inspire and motivate your new employees!

All onboarding gifts, the boxes and the cards are branded with our designs and your individual logo, making each gift unique to your employer brand.

  • Stainless steel water bottle
    with logo branding
  • Sustainable chocolate
    with text and logo branding
  • Induction notebook
    with text and logo branding
  • Sustainable pens
    with logo branding
  • Button badges
    with text and logo branding
  • Welcome card
    with text and logo brandin
Onboarding Box oder Bag als Geschenkidee für neue Mitarbeiter im Unternehmen. Personalisiert nach Ihren Wünschen.

from 35 Euro* for orders of > 250 boxes

Available within 14 working days after production release.

* plus VAT and shipping costs

Minimum order quantity is 25 pieces

All onboarding gifts, the bag and the cards are branded with our designs and your individual logo, making each gift unique to your employer brand.

  • Stainless steel water bottle
    with logo branding
  • Sustainable chocolate
    with text and logo branding
  • Induction notebook
    with text and logo branding
  • Sustainable pens
    with logo branding
  • Button badges
    with text and logo branding
  • Welcome card
    with text and logo branding

from 35 Euro*/Box

Available within 14 working days after production release.

* plus VAT and shipping costs

Minimum order quantity is 25 pieces

All components of the gift box are individually selected and designed for your company. From the box to its contents: everything in your corporate design!

  • Individual packaging
    with your corporate design
  • individual content
    with branded products
  • individual cover letter
    in desired format, personalisation possible
Corporate-Box Homeoffice

prices on request

Minimum order quantity is 75 pieces

Why you should choose SUGGLE

The ideal onboarding box provider


Very specialised.
We know the HR sector and therefore are happy to support you when it comes to tailor-made activities in personnel marketing or employer branding – from individual promotional product ideas to gift boxes and entire reward programmes.


Very generous.
We are happy to share our ideas on how to express the appreciation for your employees and also gladly prepare mockups/visualisations to demonstrate how your individual employer branding products (e.g. employee boxes, team clothing, Christmas gifts, etc.) will look like before you place an order.


Very fast.
We know that HR matters often have to be dealt with quickly and offer you professional solutions for employee gifts (e.g. for an team event or for onboarding) without long development or procurement times.

Product ideas!

Very meaningful.
We are fans of meaningful promotional products and therefore suggest ideas for your employees that combine an emotional (e.g. belonging) and functional benefit (e.g. making work easier).


Very transparent.
We do not regard sustainability in the overall context of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) as an advertising slogan and make this clear to you with our platinum award (only 1 percent of the companies in our industry assessed by EcoVadis achieve this).


Very turn-key.
We like making sure that our products are well received and therefore also offer you our service for the entire logistics process (online shop, packaging and fulfillment) on request. To make this possible we have also been cooperating with Lebenshilfe Bergisches Land for many years.

Why should I as an employer be giving gifts during onboarding?

Your employees as brand ambassadors

What’s the saying? First impressions count! Onboarding is a crucial moment when new employees get a first real picture of your company and its culture. Gifts during onboarding are therefore much more than just objects: they are symbolic acts that express appreciation and recognition. They say: “You are valuable. We’re glad you’re here!”

With individual onboarding boxes, you ensure the creation of a positive relationship between you as an employer and your new employee from the very first moment. It is even more important in times of a skilled worker shortage, to strengthen your employer image and make your new employees enthusiastic brand ambassadors for the company. The creative welcome packages strengthen the feeling of belonging and loyalty, promote employee engagement and increase their motivation. It is a way to create a working environment where people thrive and feel a part of something bigger. An investment into your employees is also an invest into your company!

And this is how it works – 4 steps to your onboarding box

1. Agreement on the desired concept

2. Conception & recommendation

3. Filling of the boxes & dispatch

4. Happy & satisfied employees

We tell stories

Our onboarding boxes – more than just gifts

Onboarding storytelling to match your company philosophy

At SUGGLE, we are offering you more than just printed promotional products. We deliver creative stories that are also customised and tailored to your company.

We are passionate, dedicated and have innovative ideas on how to design perfect corporate gifts that match your brand, your CI and your corporate philosophy, but also include your very own personal touch.

Our specialists in employer branding are happy to accompany the entire storytelling process, from selecting individual products to developing entire marketing concepts. With us, every product gets a remarkable story!

So: Let us inspire you! And let’s find creative solutions for your company together.

SUGGLE Onboarding with lasting impact

With SUGGLE as your onboarding box provider, you meet the increasing sustainability needs of your customers and employees, strengthen your image and attractiveness as an employer, and do something good for the environment at the same time! What more could you wish for?

We focus on fair and sustainable production and make a point of ensuring that our promotional products are environmentally friendly, both in their use and disposal.

At SUGGLE, it’s not only that all our products are functional and have an emotional impact. We take it much further!

Whether these are seed bombs for all hobby gardeners, sustainable coffee cups to-go for all the caffeine lovers or cool sprout pencils to plant afterwards: With us you will find more than just pretty promotional items!

Our comprehensive design concept for your company

As a person responsible for the HR project, you will make an excellent impression and present everything to your higher-ups with perfect timing! Simple, isn’t it?

Thanks to the professional presentation, you and your company can get an exact picture of how all the promotional items will ultimately look before you place your order.

We create a comprehensive design concept for you. In this concept we create preliminary visualisations (mock-ups), present advertising materials in your own corporate design and link them all with suitable storytelling.

Are you feeling enthusiastic about our onboarding boxes and only need to convince your boss, the board or colleagues of this idea? Then use our sample presentation to help you!

Ecovadis Platinum certified

Sustainability at SUGGLE is a priority

We at SUGGLE are proud owners of the EcoVadis Platinum Medal! EcoVadis offers holistic CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) assessments covering topics such as the environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable employment. The award thus reflects our efforts towards true sustainability – in other words, anything but greenwashing! We are now very happy to be among the top 1% of companies in our industry rated by EcoVadis. Our commitment goes beyond mere words: we continuously review our sustainability promises and use EcoVadis’ objective assessments for continuous improvement. With this tailwind, we start into a future full of sustainable, green ideas motivated!

Let our innovative products inspire you for your onboarding boxes

Creative and sustainable instead of run-of-the-mill

Let’s discuss your ideas

Individual onboarding boxes for your company

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Make an appointment now for a free first consultation.

In a free first consultation, we will provide personal advice and discuss in detail the options for creating your very personal onboarding boxes that are as unique as the company itself. We will then design your sustainable, individual promotional items according to your wishes and ideas. We don’t offer standard solutions, we stand for creative and unique gifts that will inspire your new employees!

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