Useful suggestions for promotional items

We suggle ballpoint pens, cups or umbrellas to useful promotional items for your marketing concept by always developing the emotional and functional usefulness in the selection and design. Thus, promotional items become (employer) brand ambassadors.

In this way, SUGGLEextracts the best for you! The pure procurement of advertising materials is no big deal nowadays. The desired giveaway is only one mouse click away – yet the oversupply, especially on the Internet, becomes a dilemma. For this reason, we offer the special SUGGLE service:

Upcycling of promotional items

The brand name SUGGLE is a word creation inspired by “to suggest”. With this in mind, we research through the broad supply of promotional items on the market and recommend promotional items to you that we upgrade through a modern branding for your event. It’s a kind of “upcycling service”.